Meet the Team

Meet the incredible members of our executive board

Gretchen Fleming, Principal


Dara Cortes, President


Danielle McAllister, Vice President

Erin Hussey, Recording Secretary

Scott Potter, Treasurer

Elizabeth Lombardi, Financial Secretary

Rich Sinden, Auditor

Jessie Jonzen, Historian

Tiffany Mohr, VP Membership

Amanda Piper, VP Programs

Allison Merritt, VP Volunteers

Michelle Brooks, Legislation Rep

Tandi Le Franc, Reflections Chair

Claire Rocklage, Special Education

2021 - 2022 Committee Chairs

Blue Ribbon
Dude. Be Nice

Emily Sass

Chelsea Schilling

Marsha Clayton

Book Fair

Katie Nachreiner


Emily Sass

Courtney Patterson


Courtney Patterson

Celebration Books

Angela Orange


Danielle McCallister

‍Earth Week

Elizabeth Pool


Adrienne Metz

Fall Fundraiser

Rebecca Alvarez


Cybill Street

Melissa Korpi

Jog A Thon

Jodi Dewey

Katie Ferguson

Lost and Found

Katie Coon

Adrienne Metz

Teacher's Lounge

Katie Coon

Zero Waste Committee

Valerie Hedlund

Angela Howe

Laurel Rothschild

Red Ribbon Week

Lisa Tassin

Room Parents

Jessica Johnson

4th Grade Party

Rebecca Alvarez

Melissa Korpi

5th Grade Camp

Katie Nachreiner

5th Grade Party

Allison Merritt

Social Media

Allie Waldner

Spirit Wear

Amy Long

Staff "Got Lunch"

Kristen Huffman

Walk and Roll/Earth Day

Belize Hamilton


Adrienne Metz


Dara Cortes


Remee-Rose Busser

Cathi Ellis

Katie Nachreiner

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Phone Numbers
School:  (949) 492-3060  
Call Sick Line: (949) 492-7603

School Address
3120 Avenida Presidente
San Clemente, CA  92672